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About Us

About Us

Cyclone Drying Systems are manufactured by the “Impact Case” division of Heater Craft Marine Products, Inc., a family owned business located in North Idaho. Our employees are highly skilled at manufacturing the highest quality, aluminum and steel made products, from drying systems, military and athletic cases, marine products to high end dog crates.

The first product originated in the garage of Michael Bailey, the company’s President. Bailey created a heater with flexible tubing for boats so that customers could stay warm in their boat, dry off after water skiing and prolong their time on the water. Now these heaters can be found on ATV, UTV, golf carts and other outdoor vehicles. 

All our Cyclone Drying Systems are made from high-grade steel to create durable, professionally engineered, well designed systems assuring you that your items will be dry.

Cyclone Drying Systems can be found in the locker rooms of sport teams, from high school to the NFL, in fire stations and maintenance rooms of national store chains, at popular ski resorts, in ski condos and at home in the garage.

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